Incentive Program

(Australia and New Zealand LEs only)

September Super Double Demo Incentive

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

Greetings Australian and New Zealand Literature Evangelists,

The SPD Publishing Department has some very exciting news!

Next month (Sept 2017) we will be offering a SUPER DEMO DOUBLE INCENTIVE.

To qualify for a $400.00 Gift Voucher, you will need to achieve the following:

Regular LE Program – 100 or more Big Book Demonstrations per month.

Jump Start LE Program – 400 or more Jump Start Demonstrations per month.

(1 JS Demo =.25 Big Book Demo)

Book Party LE Program – 100 or more Book Party Guests

(1 BP Guest at a party = 1 Big Book Demo)


A demonstration (demo) is defined as canvassing a book or books to an interested prospect, asking them to buy and quoting the price.


Sept Incentive – Friday 1 Sept to Thursday 28 Sept, 2017


Please report your weekly demo’s on the movemelord.com website BEFORE 6PM FRIDAY – MELBOURNE TIME.

Week one  – Fri Sept 1 – Thurs Sept 7 REPORT Fri Sept 8

Week two  – Fri Sept 8 – Thurs Sept 14 REPORT Fri Sept 15

Week three – Fri Sept 15 – Thurs Sept 21 REPORT Fri Sept 22

Week four  – Fri Sept 22 – Thurs Sept 28 REPORT Fri Sept 29

Late reports will not be accepted.

Praying that you all are motivated to reach the demo targets and in so doing reach many more people with our books and the gospel of Jesus.

God bless and GO FOR IT!

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