LE Canvass

Abundant Living Series

(revised: Sept, 2016)


Hi/Hello, how are you?
(Bridge-build initially if prospect allows)
Example: Wow, who is the expert that produced this amazing garden!?
My name is ______________________________ (Point to ID Badge).
(If prospect asks where are you from, who are you etc?)
Reply: I’m a registered independent distributor of Home Health Education Service media.
I’m just doing a special health work in your community.
My visit is only brief but it is important and I am wondering if I could just have the courtesy of a few minutes of your time.
(Motion with your hand, lean forward and expect to be invited in)


Thank you for your time, sorry I didn’t ask your name?
(Bridge build as you enter home)
Example: That’s a lovely picture of the family, when was that taken?
(Respond with interest to their answers and compliment and ask further questions)
As I mentioned I can’t spend too long in each home, but where would you like to sit while I show you through the folder?
(Indicate a suitable chair)

Prospectus Folder

(As you open the prospectus)

Page 1
As I mentioned, my visit is in the interest of good health.
Pages 2-3
And regardless of what we do in life there is nothing more important than a happy, healthy lifestyle, is there Mrs/Mr Prospect?

Pages 4-5
However, the statistics reveal that we are facing many challenging health issues such as:
• 29% of all deaths are caused by cancer
• More than half a million people are affected by arthritis
• Heart attack and Stroke kill about 360,000 people every year
• 1 in 3 adults and 11% of children are obese
• Over 300,000 people have Diabetes
• 1 in 10 are suffering Asthma
• More than 20% of people have Depression or Anxiety
• 10 New Zealanders on average commit suicide every week

SOURCE: Ministry of Health Data 2008 – 2014
Mrs/Mr Prospect, what do you think we can do to help lower these figures and protect our families from these problems?
Pages 6-7
Whether we realise it or not, there is a potential health problem in every home, isn’t there?
Which of these would be a concern for you and your family?
Is there anything else?
Mrs/Mr Prospect, I am sure we can help you with those concerns.
Pages 8-9
Health professionals are saying that lifestyle choices are important. They say that prevention at home rather than treatment in the hospital is the answer, isn’t it?
Pages 10-11
And because improving your lifestyle is based on knowledge, not guesswork, we have acquired the services of Doctor George Pamplona-Roger, a world-renowned nutrition expert and doctor of medicine and surgery who has produced his latest up-to-date heath information,
Pages 12
This is the Abundant Living series. Have you seen our books before?
Pages 13
These have been specially prepared to meet the needs of all ages, and you will find these books a far more reliable resource than some of the unverified information on the internet.
Pages 14 -15
Now you will notice this series covers many vital topics.
Which would be three of the most important areas of interest to you, that you would like to know more about?
OK, let me show you what the books are like.

(Pick up the Canvass Inserts Folder)
Note: It may be necessary to carry at least one food/plant volume so the customer appreciates the size and how comprehensive the books are.
The Book Inserts Folder
The Abundant Living Series comprises five volumes, three of the Food encyclopedias and two Medicinal Plants volumes.
The Food encyclopedias reveal the complete science of food and their healing power with more than 700 foods researched, with the greatest healing power to prevent and treat more than 1500 diseases.
The Medicinal Plant encyclopedias contain a large number of scientifically based natural treatments using fomentations, infusions, ointments, poultices, baths, etc, incorporating 470 botanically described plants.
What this means is that the information will help you make the best food choices and plant treatments that will directly contribute to better health and longer life.
Trial Close: Mrs/Mr Prospect, can you see how information like this could be important to have?
(Now make sure you cover the topics that the prospect chose.)
EOF Page 6
Can you see here how a regular consumption of almonds helps one to overcome stress and depression and, because oats contain high amounts of vitamin B1, they help calm the nerves and improve mental performance.
EMP Page 10
Also a herbal thyme bath can help with depression, so you will feel better able to cope with life.
Heart Problems
EOF Page 7
The heart is one of the most important organs in the body and heart attacks occur more frequently in richer countries than poorer ones, typically because of a diet rich in animal fats. Walnuts and bananas can protect against heart problems and cholesterol due to their content of essential fatty acids, vitamin B6, potassium and trace elements such as zinc, copper and manganese.
EMP Page 7
Here the author advises us that the flowers and fruits of the Hawthorn plant provide some of the most effective vegetal remedies for abnormally rapid heart rates and high blood pressure, as well as strengthening the heart.

EOF Page 9
Have you heard that beetroot is excellent at combating anemia associated with low iron levels, which will provide greater energy and lessen fatigue?
EMP Page 17
And Rosemary revitalises, invigorates and rejuvenates the body, which means you will have the energy you need for the days’ challenges.
EOF Page 10
Did you know that eating a raw onion can stop or relieve an asthma attack because of its anti-allergic properties and that it relaxes the airways, which will help you not to panic during an asthma crisis. And also, figs help clear up coughs, colds and flu.
EOF Page 18
Here we see that eating black currants halts the inflammatory processes in the joints and coconut provides much needed calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, which will help build strong bones, which we all need, don’t we?
EMP Page 11
And also, most Herbalists conclude that Peppermint actually calms muscular and rheumatic pain.
Digestion Problems
EOF Page 13
This page reveals that pineapple is the perfect friend of the stomach, while cabbage relieves stomach inflammation and contributes to the healing of stomach ulcers. That would be helpful, wouldn’t it?
EMP Page 13
The Senna plant is an excellent laxative, which stimulates the peristaltic movements of the large intestine, and the common walnut helps cure digestive disorders such as diarrhea and inflammation of the stomach, colon and intestine.
Reproductive Problems
EOF Page 16
Soybeans, soymilk and tofu contain special vegetable hormones called “isoflavones” that help relieve the symptoms of menopause, while the tomato is a known protector of the prostate, isn’t it?
EMP Page 12
And a pennyroyal herbal tea calms menstrual pains, especially in young women.
EMP Page 5
A herbal tea made from passion-fruit flowers and leaves will help you sleep better.
EOF Page 21
This page shows the comparison between eating cherries and pastry, and how the fibre and B group vitamins of cherries help prevent overeating.
EMP Page 16
Fucus, better known as brown seaweed fights obesity and cellulitis by decreasing appetite and increasing metabolism so that you will lose weight and look healthier.
EOF Page 13
Fermented cabbage is an effective blood purifier and therefore should be included in the diets of diabetics and the obese, shouldn’t it?
EMP Page 8
Doctor Roger recommends that the seeds, flowers and stems of the sunflower are also very effective against diabetes.
EOF Page 20
Eating kiwi fruit or four oranges a day increases resistance to infections like influenza so you can avoid getting sick, couldn’t you?
EMP Page 10
Coltsfoot is excellent at preventing and relieving coughs associated with colds and flu.
EOF Page 12
Were you aware that the radish promotes bile production and helps prevents cancer?
EOF Page 16
And the “super” legume, the soy bean can help prevent breast and prostate cancers, which are some of our country’s biggest killers.
EOF Page 6
Did you know that almonds invigorate the nervous system to help you overcome stress?
EMP Page 5
The passion-fruit flower helps control and cure stress, so you will feel much more relaxed.
EOF Page 19
Cucumbers clean the skin while mangos nourish it, which makes them very suitable for treating skin problems and allergies, doesn’t it?
EMP Page 12
Raw cabbage leaves are very helpful against skin wounds, sores, eczema and even acne, which will help your skin look more beautiful.
Stop Smoking
EOF Page 9
As you may be aware, smokers require much more vitamin C, which lemons provide to clean and regenerate the blood.
EMP Page 10
And here we see that coltsfoot is very useful in the treatment of tobacco addiction and so will help you give up smoking. That’s good to know, isn’t it?
Healthy Recipes
EOF Page 24
These vegetable hamburgers are tasty and nutritious and are especially helpful against stress, depression and anxiety due to their high amounts of B-complex vitamins, calcium and protein.
EOF Page 30
Here we have a recipe for an onion and capsicum (or pepper as some people say) pizza which is very healthy for most lung problems and in preventing cancer, especially of the stomach and colon. Looks delicious, doesn’t it?
Trial Close: Mrs/Mr Prospect, can you see how helpful it would be to have this information in your home?

[Say this after showing first area of interest] Trial Close: In your opinion, Mrs/Mr Prospect, do you feel you could use this information in your home? [Say this after showing last area of interest] Feel free to have a look through. (Hand over Book Inserts Folder/Book)
Now we have just looked at mainly the physical aspect of good health, but there is another important part, the psychological or spiritual. So we also include in the set this beautiful volume, _________________________ (LE Chooses) Or “Family Bible”.
This very popular Bible is really special with a beautiful cover picture and nice gold edged pages. It’s great as a gift as you can fill in the “presented to” page and give it for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, baptisms and even Christmas.
I think you would agree our world needs more of the good old-fashioned values and morals found in the Bible, wouldn’t you?
(Put down the Bible and pick up the Prospectus)

The Close

Medical authorities, nutritionists and many families are already enjoying the outstanding advantages of this series including: easy-to-understand language; explaining how foods can either harm or heal the body; saving money by providing plant-based alternatives to expensive drug treatments: revealing how medicinal plants can protect against disease and helping to reduce pain and suffering and providing peace of mind and hope for the future.
Mrs/Mr Prospect, I can see you really appreciate this material, what do you like about them the most?
Trial Close: Mrs/Mr Prospect, how do you feel about what we have discussed so far?
Do you have any questions?
You are probably wondering how much they are?
Well, that is another pleasing feature. Some people would expect that a quality hardcover medical series would be close to $1000 but you will be pleased to know the complete series of six volumes is only $________ , which also includes a complimentary gift.
Mrs/Mr Prospect, you can have them in your home today for cash, cheque, credit card or you can use the easy- Investment Plan.
Let me show you how the easy- Investment Plan works:
The bank does it all for you by direct debit with no interest and no deposit. The payments can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and the instalments can be suited to your budget. For example: most people are happy with $30.00 a fortnight.
The volumes are delivered progressively as you pay for them.
Mrs/Mr Prospect, if you were to invest in these today, which would be most suitable for you?
Cash, cheque, credit card or the easy- Investment Plan?
(Remain silent until prospect responds, if positive)
OK, so you would be happy with that? (If Yes)
Alright, let’s get a few details? (Take out Purchase Agreement Pad and start filling it in)

The Confirmation

You’ve made a very wise decision, Mrs/Mr Prospect. I am sure that you and your family will be benefited for many years from these books and I look forward to seeing you again soon when I deliver your first volume with your free gift. Congratulations!

Ask For Referrals

Now just before I leave I am wondering, who else (show referral jogger page) can you think of who would also appreciate having a look at these excellent books?
(Record details such as: Name, address, phone, family, work etc)