Joe Paola

Team Leader
Team Leader Victoria and Tasmania Conference.

It was only 2 weeks ago that Martha and Carl (names changed) said to each other that they needed to buy a bible. Little did they know that God was orchestrating a visit to their home by a Literature Evangelist.

Today I knocked on their door and Carl opened up. I found him to be very open and friendly and after a short chat on the doorstep he invited me in.
I presented our Bible Story and bible collection and it wasn’t long into the demonstration that they both began to ask questions. Searching for truth and being led by the Spirit of God, they sat forward and listened as I answered their questions.

We opened the bible and had a bible study on salvation and the importance of God’s 10 commandments. When we discussed the Sabbath, they were extremely open and accepted the truth that the seventh day is the day of rest and the day that God blessed and sanctified. “Then why do people go to church on Sunday?” They asked.
When explaining the answer they were shocked, and even a little angry that a religious organisation could change the day of rest from Saturday to Sunday. “So the Seventh Day Adventists are right!” said Martha. “Yes and that is one reason why I am a Seventh Day Adventist.” I replied.

To watch this couple just drink in bible truth was a real joy! I then introduced the Beyond DVDs and they accepted to watch them. They will now be followed up by the Springvale SDA church.