Florise Webb

Literature Evangelist
Victorian Conference

As a new LE’s wife, whose husband, Roger, was having his feet wet that week, I was privileged to accompany Sandy Wallis and Joe at the doors during the Maryborough outreach.
Their energy and passion and love for souls showed in their tremendous efforts and patience to connect with the people. I’m sure, from the stories that I’ve heard that that goes for the rest of the team also.

The Introduction

No one was home when Sandy knocked. As we turned to leave the property, Bev (name changed for privacy reasons) rode up to her yard on a bicycle. “You’re not religious people, are you?” or similar words were thrown at us as we approached her.
After initial introductions, Bev led us to the back of the house as she had no furniture inside. She was in the process of sorting her life out.
Sandy canvassed her fast as per her request. It was also a three way conversation, not an easy one at times. Bev was suspicious of religion. She has been through a lot and is still working things out.
She said that after years of being in a fog, clarity came to her this week and she was able to be more active during the day and had taken up bike riding. She would usually have been asleep during the day.

A coincidence?

A coincidence, I think not! In the course of the conversation, when religion came up, she stated that the only religion she respected was that of Seventh Day Adventists.
She had some beautiful SDA neighbours many years ago in NSW and she had fond memories of them and their kindness.
Thank God for faithful witnesses. She accepted a Search DVD and as we left, she stated that “our timing was incredible”!!! She has a long way to go in the recovery and I believe that the God who has prepared her for our visit will continue to help His daughter find healing and restoration.