Joe Paola

Team Leader
Vic Conference

Truly we can never know the full positive impact our books will have when we place them in homes. Sure they are a blessing and a tool that God uses to help those that purchase, but the influence of our publications many times goes further than that.

I sold a set of our Bible Story collection and a Today Tomorrow and You(TTY) to a lady by the name of Maria. I introduced our minister and Maria began Bible studies. After a few Bible studies she stopped and slowly God was left out of her life. The books she purchased were left to sit in her home unused.

But then…

Colporteur Ministry page 150, reads, “Still God has a care for His truth, and the time will come when these books will be sought for and read. Sickness or misfortune may enter the home, and through the truth contained in the books God sends to troubled hearts peace and hope and rest.”

Sure enough that is what happened. Years later Maria started to read them. She read the full 11 volumes. She said to me, “These books, particularly the TTY, have helped me come back to God.”

Maria then gave the TTY to her niece Rebecca. I visited with Rebecca last week. She said, “This book is how I came into the faith.” They were her exact words. She said that she was curious to know more about God and that the book challenged her to pray to Him. She also told me that as she was reading the book and praying to God, the pain in her back she was suffering with was totally removed!

Maria and Rebecca (and her husband James) are now both doing Bible studies with Sye and Nono Tahiri from the Clayton SDA church and preparing for baptism.

We praise our God for His leading in people’s lives and for the influence that our publications have in bringing many to a knowledge of God.