A prayer to the point

Sylvia & Geoff Wall

Literature Evangelists Victorian Conference.


Joe Paola

Felix had picked up our Bible Story display book from one of the doctor’s waiting rooms and sent off an enquiry card. Unable to read the address, we gave Felix a ring and arranged to meet him. We had prayer together and headed out to see him.

Well, Felix being a little different thought he would go shopping while waiting for us to come. Arriving at his home and not finding him there, we spoke to some of his neighbours, “Look for a short man with a ‘real’ Santa tummy at IGA supermarket. His partner who is also short and overweight will be there with him”

Over to IGA we went. We looked for them in the store but to no avail. As we were leaving we noticed a gentleman talking to a lady.  Geoff looked at me and I looked at him and he gave a little nod of the head and I gave a wink. Geoff asked, “Are you Felix?” “No” was the reply. “What did you want him for?” Geoff explained, and Felix then excitedly said, “Yes that’s me.”

We walked over to a park so we could sit and talk and one of Felix’s first questions was “Who do you follow in football?” Geoff replied, “Collingwood.” Felix held out his hand and said, “Put it here mate! Me too. I love the black and white!” Well that made Geoff and Felix mates for life.

Getting to know Felix we discovered that he loves the bible and needs a large print to be able to read it. Our Bible story collection set was too expensive for him and so our suggestion for him to understand the Bible a little more was the book, Today Tomorrow and you.  Felix placed his order and he also accepted a copy of Steps to Christ.

God has a special place in His heart for people like Felix and so do we. Before leaving Geoff prayed for him and after the prayer Felix said, “I’ve never heard a prayer right to the point like that before.”

Please keep this simple man who loves the Bible and knows God in ‘his’ way in your prayers.

Sylvia & Geoff Wall