Another true God moment!

Peter Smith

Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.

Joe Paola

After a short time of worship, Joe and I headed out with enormous hope that we could place many copies of the book, The Great Controversy with as many people as possible if they were interested.

Our first home hosted an elderly Armenian couple happily married for 63 years and that after being persecuted and cast out of their country penniless and without assets – because they were Christians. They gladly accepted the first Great Controversy of the day. Then came the neighbour who had a similar experience but from a different country. Again out came The Great Controversy. And then on to Mick who suffers anxiety attacks but was too busy to chat long as he had guests. A Steps to Christ was well received.

Then it all made sense why we needed to move along quickly and not be delayed.

We saw Kathie sitting on her front veranda well rugged up against the cold and showery winter weather. As we traversed the front yard Joe and I came to an abrupt stop. There it was! One of those “Do not knock” signs. But this was not the usual average sticker but . . . a large sign around 40cm square in full colour stating the obvious – do not knock. As we had crossed the front yard we had both greeted the lady and now it seemed it was for nothing. Joe grasped the opportunity to enter into a conversation with the lady requesting permission to stay and chat about health. She graciously agreed. What followed was a God given invitation to encourage, share and to point a struggling person to their Saviour. It was one of those God moments!

Kathie was 14 when her father died and it was while she attended the funeral that the priest took her aside and told her, “You shouldn’t be wearing pants”. At a time when she needed comfort and hope she was given a lecture on what she was wearing. Her vision of God disappeared. Bouts of poor health and continued stress from her poor health resulted in major problems and very little joy in her life.

Joe introduced her to our Medicinal Plants and Foods books and she appreciated the information. Then we shared the Family Bible while discussing how to gain peace of mind. We closed with prayer and Kathie was moved to tears and could not hold them back. Now she has a Great Controversy and a Steps to Christ to enjoy reading. Kathie then walked us to the front gate and farewelled us. She could not thank us enough for the visit.


Numerous other people were receptive to our visit today and they too received a Great Controversy to read and consider God’s great love for all humanity.