Sylvia Wall

Literature Evangelist
Victorian Conference

Brent is a great guy, and when young, was an alter boy for the Catholic school he went to but he did not like it much. Katherine is his partner of 14 years and they have 3 beautiful daughters.
The family has been going through a tough time and finding things difficult. I Shared with him a little of my past and he realised he was not the only person. I said the love of Jesus was the only thing that gets us through difficult times.
I asked Brent if he had faith. He eagerly answered “Yes”. He accepted the DVD and Happiness Digest and we got chatting. Brent shared about the death of his older brother though drugs and that he has very little contact with his family.


I asked Brent if he would come to Church with me. He said “Yes”, without hesitation. We picked him up and he was in tears when after Church one of the members asked him to take a basket (full of goodies). He asked why? She said “just because”. Brent was so overwhelmed with the love shown to him he intends to take his children next week.
He overheard someone talking about Baptism and he said “I must get the girls baptized”. I left this for the Church family to explain at a later date. One of the members shared with me that morning that she had been praying for more children to come to the Sabbath school. Her prayers were answered and mine too.
God knows when to put you at the right time in the right place to touch the lives of all of us.