Paul Borg

Literature Evangelist Tasmania Conference.

Atheist accepts Steps to Christ literature evangelists

I knocked on Max’s front door and he came out from the side door.

“Hi my name is Paul Borg.” (I gave my door introduction) Max said, “I have met you before,” I did not recognise Max and then he said that I installed his Christian Satellite TV years ago. He has a better memory than what I have! “I am an Atheist.” Max said. “So why did you get the Christian TV?” I replied. “It has Thailand TV for my wife.” Max answered.

I felt impressed to give Max a Gospel Presentation at the front of his house. He, like many others, have been challenged with questions about God. Why are there so many Christians that do the wrong thing and are just hypocrites? Why are so many wars and battles fought over religion? Max had many other questions like this. I answered them as best I could and he was listening with an open heart.

“Max when you die, what would you rather look forward to, a grave where you will end up as nothing but dust or eternal life with God who is love and a place where there will be no more pain, suffering and death?” We continued for about 20 minutes sharing with Max that there is a God that loves him very much. I also helped Max to understand that God is not the kind of God that many have made Him out be – a God that is just waiting for us to do something wrong so He can punish us. He is not a vindictive judge or a wrathful tyrant. I helped Max to see that God is a God of love and life.

Max listened with an honest heart, and as I continued, I could tell that he was open to God’s Holy Spirit speaking to his heart.
We talked some more and then I pulled out the book, Steps to Christ and said, “Max, read the first chapter of this book, ‘God is love’ and after you read the chapter, I am certain that you will enjoy the rest of this precious book. It’s Christ’s story of His love for you.”

Max accepted the book and I was so happy that God gave me the opportunity to present it to him.
Steps to Christ is a powerful book and has led many to Christ. My prayer is that Max too will be led to Jesus as he reads the pages of that inspired book.