Australia & New Zealand Literature Evangelist Summit 2018

Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader
Victoria & Tasmanian Conference

Joe Paola

“Just Jesus leading Literature Ministry” was the theme of our LE Summit held in Stuarts Point Convention Centre, Stuarts Point NSW October 2-7. Literature Evangelists from Australia and New Zealand came together to be inspired, encouraged and better equipped to serve in their calling as front-line workers for our soon coming Saviour.

Main presenter Pr Jean-Noel Adeline, Ministerial Secretary and Director of Mission to Communities at the New Zealand Pacific Union Mission, gave passionate and powerful grace-filled, Christ centred presentations that stirred our hearts to develop a deeper experience with our God. Along with presentations from public evangelist, Pr Sam Braga, Jared French Interim Publishing Director, Tony Wall Associate Publishing Director and Team Leader/Literature Evangelists devotionals and experiences, much blessings were received.

LE Paul Borg,“Summit is always a revival experience for me. This year was exceptional. The speakers drew me closer to Jesus and touched a chord in my heart that was wanting. Stuarts point was a lovely place to hold our summit. Renewed, encouraged and strengthened best sum up my experience. Better Spiritually equipped for the days ahead.”

Sylvia Wall, “The blessings of our speakers are too many to mention, and through prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit I have fresh ideas to implement in my ministry.”

Geoff Wall, “Inspiration, motivation, hope encouragement and love. Togetherness with brothers and sisters in God’s very home to home ministry. Summit was a very spiritual and regenerating time of fellowship and love – there is no equal. We were well treated by some excellent preaching, stories and experiences. I plan to attend again next year.”

Thankyou God for being in our midst. Your Spirit has moved on our hearts. May we do greater things for you because we choose to allow you to work through us.