Paul Bardor

Literature Evangelist
Western Australia Conference

About 8 weeks ago I knocked on this ladies door, let’s call her Tina. Tina answered the door and was very keen on seeing what health and child training info I had to offer as she was highly…. let me change that…. extremely pregnant! Looking at her bump I thought she looked about to POP. She laughed when I said that to her and told me she was 3 weeks away from a C section.

As I was getting out the Dr Wright medicals she exclaimed with a big grin, “I’ve already got those!” Which lead to a discussion about when she got them, if she had good use from them (she had!) and who she ordered them from (a little known fella named Brian who got the resources into her hands).
It turns out that through Brian’s manner, his character and jokes, that she really appreciated the work HHES does and really appreciated that Brian didn’t bash her over the head with Bible stuff but was just a good caring witness and with that she said she was happy with her resource collection she had already purchased through Brian.

Tina had bought the family lifestyle series and didn’t want to look at, let alone purchase, any other resources. At this I just asked if I could show her through the selection I had to see if there was anything different or new. Turns out she didn’t have and wanted Less Stress and Cooling Down Teen Stress. So we went through the paperwork to set up payments and I left her with a prayer, asking God’s hand to be over the rest of the pregnancy, over the doctor’s and nurses at the delivery and a blessing of good health for her and her older daughter.

Fast Forward

I finally got to catch up with Tina to drop her delivery off. From no replies to messages left on the phone and a few failed attempts to catch her at home, I finally got her. And I praise God for how He can turn something seemingly minor to you into something HUGE to others.

Tina recounted to me the story that not long after being released from hospital and bringing her precious little girl home that she found her baby girl grey and blue in her bassinet. Rushing to the hospital they concluded that her baby had sleep apnea and could frequently stop breathing in her sleep. Tina explained that for the past few weeks of her life she has been rushing back and forwards from the hospital and that she wasn’t getting much sleep because she had to always be checking on her bub while she was asleep to make sure she was breathing still.

Tina said how on that first frightful trip back to the hospital she thought of the prayer I prayed for her that day. She said because of thinking about my prayer for her, she started praying for her baby and on subsequent trips to the hospital she prayed for the strength and calmness to deal with what was on her plate. When she thanked me I replied that we should be thanking our Father in heaven, it was Him who lead me to her doorstep and gave me the want to pray and the words to pray. She smiled and said true.
So glory to God how a seemingly off the cuff prayer to me had such a MASSIVE impact on Tina. After having another prayer before leaving she turned to me and said, “Paul, I’ve put your contact details aside, so I will be ringing you next year to get some more books!”

How good is God!?! He turned Tina from not wanting to look at let alone getting any more Health resources to wanting Spiritual resources for herself and her two daughters. I don’t know if I have said it already…..but God is good! ALL THE TIME!!