Jannene Howse

Literature Evangelist
Victorian Conference

I went out with Joe for some more training on the doors yesterday, as I haven’t been working for some months!

Door 1: Adam and Eve

Needing to build up confidence again, I shadowed Joe for a while who had a successful door with a lovely young Hindu couple! The wife Samu* was home with a shoulder injury and the timing was just perfect for her and her husband, Adin*. It was amazing to hear their emotional response to the Bible!
She said, ‘Yes! The story of creation with Adam and Eve are the same in Hindu’ and showed remarkable insight when she expressed the belief that animal flesh causes aggression and stress when we eat it.
Then she related how her great uncle known as Father Rahi, had been converted from a Hindu to Christianity and was high up in the church and had authored many books about Jesus and he had sent them to his family as well as Bibles. They plan to purchase the Medicinal Plants.

Door 2: Kids

We felt I needed to go back and visit Rita* and her Sudanese family again, the first family I visited and who bought the Family Lifestyle Series, as we were working the same street. This time the husband was home and he kindly invited us in and gave us a drink. The thought had kept coming into my mind that the children may like some children’s books and they may like to come to church and Joe and I had talked this over.
Gary* answered the door in his jammies, I had never met him before and he welcomed us in. When we were in the home, Nathan, their 3 ½ year old son told us he was playing games that taught him to kill people. I was stunned by that, which lined up with the impression God had been giving me about the needs of the children. Then Gary told us that he had lost his job and was looking for another one. I asked if he had a faith to get him through the difficult times. He said he was a believer and was raised in a faith but since moving had not found a new church, and that he was church shopping! He said his children hadn’t been raised in the church. So I said, why don’t you come along to our church? I invited him along to the local church and said I would go there with him Sabbath week, he was happy about that as he said his little daughter had been asking to go to church. I will be visiting them again and sharing the children’s books, please pray for this beautiful young family on the cusp of making a major decision for their families future.

Door 3: Smile!

At another door, a young man from Liberia, a student in year 12, said his name was Abraham! He was just beaming a smile so big, you could see all his teeth! And Joe said, ‘your a believer aren’t you?’ And he said yes! He filled out a Beyond DVD card and I will go back and visit his parents. Isn’t it beautiful when you can see Jesus just shining out of someone! I want to be like that!

We were only out for about 2-3 hours all up, and it was thrilling to be out there again. God strengthened me and I am so thankful for the wonderful resources we have to be able to reach people, I’ve been carrying small booklets and leaflets in my handbag now and can share with people everywhere I go. I have longed for so long to know how to reach people and I am so thankful for the training and knowledge we have in this incredible work.