Besotted with our bible…

Wendy Orr.

Literature Evangelist Tasmanian Conference.

Joe Paola

I had another book display at our church dinner series. A lovely group of people! They all had such a great time and they are all red hot keen to attend more programs we have to offer.

My piano tuner was there, such a lovely man, he was totally besotted with our Bible and purchased my display volume! Another of my acquaintances was there. She also was besotted with the Bible and I believe she will make a purchase soon. She would make an amazing Literature Evangelist! The Lord is calling her. It is amazing to behold! She is on fire for the Lord!!!

I believe Rowena and her friend Chevy will be attending church soon! I am going to invite them to our upcoming craft night. It is a great friendship evangelist tool.

Blessings to you all and may our Lord Jesus come soon.

Wendy Orr.