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The Regular LE Ministry program is about building relationships, creating friendships and sharing Jesus as you visit people in their homes and present a wide range of inspiring books and other media.


The Regular LE Program is available only in Australia and New Zealand

What is involved?

  • Visiting people in their homes
  • Holding an in-home presentation of a wide range of books and DVDs – starting from health to relationships and spirituality
  • Following up on interests – building friendships. On average, 3-4 people per day will be interested in more than just the books. You can either follow up on their questions or refer them to the local church.

Business details

  • This is a program suited for both full time and part time workers who want to reach souls for Jesus
  • An ideal way to start a career in ministry and receive income to support yourself.
  • You receive a margin on products sold
  • Products include the complete book sets which give you a more substantial return
  • A starter kit needs to be purchased
  • Work with your local literature evangelist leader to receive training and support.

The regular literature evangelist program is ideal for people who:

  • Want to switch careers to have a more direct involvement in ministry
  • Want to step out of their comfort zone and grow their faith in Jesus
  • Like to make new friends, build relationships
  • Have a desire to share Jesus in a community.

What difference can your knock make to a person’s life?

Your knock on their door could mean an opportunity for a person to break free from whatever is preventing them from stepping into a new life-changing direction.
Your contact with someone could provide another option to learn more about living a healthy and happy life.
The regular LE program is all about building relationships, creating friendships and sharing Jesus.

Testimonies from Real Life Literature Evangelists

How to join the Regular Literature Evangelist Program

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