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This is by the easiest way to join the LE program. It means facilitating a party where books and DVDs will be on display for people to browse and purchase.


The Party Plan Program is available only in Australia

What is involved?

  • Talk to people in your circle of influence to find people who are interested in hosting a Book It In party at their home
  • Be a facilitator and present the inspiring books and DVDs to a group of people at the host’s home. There is a series of four party themes to help you take the group of people on a journey of discovery over a period of time
  • Work with your local Book It In Team leader to receive training and support in running a party
    Follow up on interests – build friendships.

Party Themes

Naturopathic and complementary healing

How to use natural healing in your everyday lifestyle. Showcase recipe books for different lifestyle diseases – diabetes, cancer. If possible, do a cooking demonstration and allow people to taste test food.

Parenting and relationship development

Learn good parenting skills and how to improve relationships. Very important for creating healthy families, avoiding divorce and raising children to be successful adults.

Physical and spiritual well-being

Discover spiritual truths and teach children about Jesus. Also focuses on caring for the physical health of families and individuals.

Emotional and Psychological Health

Everyone wants less stress! This party promotes psychological health, how to look after your brain, reverse depression, quit smoking, deal with headaches, anxiety, dealing with children’s emotional problems and much more.

All these themes have the opportunity to lead people to Christ.

Business details

  • Amount of hours you put in is flexible
  • You are required to purchase a starter kit which will cover all you need to facilitate the four party themes
  • It is possible to make a living from the Book It in program, but it depends on how much time you put into it
  • You receive a margin on products sold
  • Products include the complete book sets which give you a more substantial return.
  • An ideal way to start a career in ministry and receive income to support yourself

Book it in Party is ideal for people who:

  • Have a keen interest for health and spirituality
  • Part-time workers, retirees, parents who have school-aged children and do not have full-time work
  • Business owners, shift-workers or professionals who can be flexible in their current job and want to contribute their time to reaching out people
  • Desire to step out of their comfort zone and grow their faith in Jesus
  • Like to make new friends, build relationships
  • Desire to share Jesus in a community

How you can be a vital connection in a person’s life

By hosting a Book It In party you could be:

The encouragement a person needs to step towards living a healthy lifestyle
The means of connecting them with the life-saving information
The opportunity for a person to be reminded of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle

Testimonies from Real Life Literature Evangelists

How to Qualify to Run the Party Plan Program

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