Bright Outreach

Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader
Victoria & Tasmanian Conference

Joe Paola

The beautiful town of Bright is situated in northeast Victoria.  It’s a base for exploring the peaks of Mount Buffalo National Park and Alpine National Park as well as Mount Hotham, a popular ski resort. The region is also known for its wineries and beautiful scenery. With a population of approximately 2,500 and only one Seventh Day Adventist living in the area, Pastor David Maxwell invited 4 Literature Evangelists to work in the area and find interests for the Wangaratta church to follow up. After faithfully visiting the homes, our God blessed with 17 people that will now be contacted and visited.

As Paul Borg walked up to the door of one of the homes he noticed a large sign, “No Religion, I am a Satan worshipper!” After knocking, a lovely young lady answered the door and Paul introduced himself and asked who had put the sign up on the door. “My partner,” she said. “We had a visit from a Jehovah’s Witness and he has had that sign up ever since!” She gladly purchased our books and accepted a Signsmagazine.

It was late Friday afternoon and Geoff Wall decided to do just one more call. An ambulance was parked near-by and Geoff went over to say hello and introduce ourBeyond DVDs. Speaking to a very lovely ambulance officer, she thanked Geoff for his interest in her career. Presenting our DVDs, she accepted the one entitled, Pain. “As an ambo I meet with a lot of pain in both homes and accident scenes.”

Sylvia Wall met a gentleman that had only been married for 4 years, “Why only 4 years?” She enquired. He shared the sad story of the death of his wife. Moved with compassion Sylvia asked, “How are you coping now?” He replied, I’m going OK. I do a lot of volunteer work and I also enjoy my paper rounds.” Asking whether he had a faith in God, he relied he had. He too accepted a Beyond DVD.

A very friendly and open man invited me in. It wasn’t long before he shared his story. He did very well with his businesses but unfortunately all was not well on the home front. His first wife left him for another man and his second wife died of cancer. It wasn’t an easy time for him but his faith helped him to cope. He also shared that he once attended church but now has stopped because of all the hypocrisy. It was a blessing to encourage him and before leaving I offered prayer. As soon as I had finished praying, he took my hand with both his hands and he also prayed for me. Please pray that as our church members make contact with him, and others that we have left in their care, that relationships will develop, bible studies will begin and that many will be saved for eternity.