Bring Hope and Comfort to Homes

Anna Schlegel

Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference

Joe Paola

Jenny opened the door with a delightful smile. Her invitation to enter came naturally. The twins were absolutely gorgeous and warmed to our books – touching them and curiously eyeing the pictures. Jenny enjoyed the Abundant Living Series and began show particular interest in the attractive Family Bible. Like many Christians, her shelves were lined with various Bibles, but this one was different. She appreciated the introductory pages that allowed entry of family history and the appealing presentation. Jenny left no doubt that she loved God. After purchasing the Bible I presented to her a gift; the choice between the Desire of Ages and the Great Controversy, accompanying it with a brief explanation of the contents. What did she choose? The Great Controversy.  Was it the curiosity about end time events? I don’t know. She took is as though it were a most precious gift – even before having read it. We prayed together with Joe and her family that God may abundantly bless them and that Jesus may soon return.

Brett on the other hand had no time or energy for books. He was experiencing carer stress. Brett’s sister, now in her 60s, had experienced a severe injury, years back, leaving her chronically ill and dependent on personal carers and Brett. His health was suffering from the lack of sleep and rest, and the ongoing pressure of providing support. Joe reflected that it was after all love that inspired Brett to make such sacrifices for his sister. When asked if he believed in God, he responded with an expression of doubt, in view of all that he’s been through.  I pointed out to him that many of God’s faithful people had gone through tremendous hardships. There was a copy of a Signs magazine commemorating the 500 year anniversary of Martin Luther’s contribution to the Reformation, in my bag. I explained how he too had suffered greatly to complete his work of conviction and now 500 years later we are still talking about him. While pulling out the magazine, an article on p 28 caught my eye, entitled, ”Where is God When It Hurts?” I drew his attention to it and immediately he was interested. He agreed to prayer. We brought his heavy load before God, acknowledging God as the source of answers to our deepest needs. I had hardly finished praying when Brett just embraced me with the most enthusiastic hug, glassy eyed and full of gratitude for the words of comfort Providence had brought to his home that day.

Anna Schlegel