Bringing Hope to Eve

Sylvia Wall

Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.

Joe Paola

Evelyn (name changed) came to the door and as we were talking I discovered she had lost family members to cancer and also a child to cot death at the age of 2 ½ months.

I asked if she had a faith to get her through those tough times. Evelyn replied, “No. I used to have a faith, but I gave it up. At this age I’m looking at down there.” (pointing her finger downwards to a place called hell)

I asked if she would like to renew her faith and offered her a gift. Handing her the book, Steps to Christ I said, “This little book will bring back loving memories of a loving God that you can rely on to give you hope, love and acceptance and not be alone in the future.

She replied, “Oh alright I will read it.”

I praise God that Evelyn has an open mind and accepted the gift. She also filled out our Community Survey and the local Church will do the follow up.

Sylvia Wall