Bringing Hope

Paul Borg

Literature Evangelist Tasmanian Conference.   


Joe Paola

Shane* opened the door and we had a friendly chat on the front porch. Shane has Lung cancer and is having treatment. He gave a donation for a small book and accepted a copy of Hacksaw Ridge; he had watched the movie. I love placing this book into homes as it gives a great message of faith, the gospel and other important beliefs at the end of the book. It is a book that many can relate to. Shane certainly did.

Next home I visited was David. We sat on the front porch and I began to discuss our services. We were having a very friendly chat for about ten minutes and then when I happened to mention about smoking, his whole countenance changed and he started to verbally abuse me, “My mother smoked all her life and she lived to 93yrs! Get out! I have had enough and if you don’t leave I will throw you down the stairs!” “No problem David. I will pack up my things and go.”

I thank God that He was able to take the brunt of that verbal onslaught. I couldn’t help but remember the text I read in my morning worship found in Proverbs 4:19, “The way of wicked people is like deep darkness. They do not know what makes them stumble.” I felt so sorry for David and prayed that The Lord would soften his heart the next time He tries to reach out to him. How can someone turn so drastically in a few seconds? “My God, help me to always love people,” I prayed.

After that terrible experience I knew something good was coming up. Past experience has taught me that when I get a episode like that, God has a gem just around the corner. Two doors up the road I met Mel, a gentle, pleasant and loving lady. Once inside I began to canvass our work. The discussion quickly turned from health to the many difficulties she was facing in her current circumstances and her former years.

Mel had been abused (sexually and physically) by a well-known church group when she was sent to them after her family physically abused her. Between the ages of 7 and 15yrs she was abused by the organisation and still till this day carries the emotional scars. Mel was married and was physically beaten by her husband. She shared many other trials with me. What a mess of a life. She told me she “hurts so much” and “trusts no one.”

I started to tell Mel about how different God is and about His love for her. She shared some more grief and I shared some more of the love of God. I offered her the book, Thirteen Life-Changing Secrets by Mark Finley. This book is full of stories similar to that of Mel’s. What a timely book to have in my bag, a book I have not carried before. I also offered her the Beyond Pain DVD and she gladly accepted it.

Mel was so hurt and felt so let down by God and His “supposed” followers that she did not want me to pray for her. I am so sad that she has got to this point. I pray that God will use the book from Mark Finley, the DVD and the visitations of the Beyond team member that drops off the next DVD to impact her life. I pray that God will help her to     see what God’s true people are like, for her to start to feel that God does love her and is feeling her pain more than she can ever imagine.

Thankyou God for leading me to Mel’s home after David’s outburst. The devil certainly was trying to stop me from ministering to Mel.

*Real names withheld

Paul Borg