Vula Area Manager Fiji

After my many years in ministry when I was called to serve in Fiji, I had a burden and had been praying that our books will be accepted by the government ministries and be distributed to schools, public libraries and government offices.

This week we made another bulk delivery to a government department and they were not leaflets containing present truth, but the Conflict of the Ages series sets. Before, they would only order and accept educational books and nothing to do with the Bible.

This year for the very first time they have accepted Bible books and half of the delivery was for the 10 sets of the Bible Reference Library sets. The sets will be distributed to public libraries and schools around the country.

These silent messengers will enlighten and mould the minds of those that will come in contact with them. I just praise God and give glory to His name for this dramatic change of things happening in our government policies.

Let us continue to pray that people will come to know the truth where God has inspired those people who will be responsible for distributing these sets of books to their final destinations around Fiji.