Sandy Wallis

Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference

literature evangelist south pacific division

Early Monday morning, I met a single mum Fleur (all names changed) in Rosny. She is 50 years of age, and mum to 2 young adults Sally and Don. During our time together, Fleur shared her considerable range of serious health problems.
Her daughter Sally also suffers with anxiety, but their recent relocation from NSW to Hobart was at the invitation of the Conservatorium of Music – Sally has a magnificent voice.

Fleur was raised in another faith, but was born again 20 years ago, and has studied with a number of faiths. Her husband joined her, but sadly the relationship deteriorated and after violence prevailed, they separated.

Fleur shared her conviction in God’s abiding presence in their lives as a family, and her confidence in God’s healing strength, and purchased a range of our books. Before leaving, I offered to pray, and Fleur also offered the most heart-felt prayer for my work and safety.

Fleur longs for a church that will engage her 2 children as she currently attends another church just 2 blocks from her home. But praise God, the Rosny church is just 2 blocks in the other direction! We believe that with the genuine love of a church family, this home will continue to be drawn to fellowship.