Claiming God’s Promises

Anna Schlegel

Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.

Joe Paola

After the usual prayerful reading and preparation, I claimed as always God’s peace in my heart, joy in my countenance and love for the people.

A door opened at a home that was a partial building site. The stocky built workers seemed intimidating at first. They explained their predicament with the abolishment of some of the 457 visas for NBN installers, that they may have to return to South Africa and couldn’t carry any books. I offered them a You Turn booklet which they happily accepted and donated generously. At this point I asked if they enjoyed reading. “Technical books” was the response. Well that was a hard ask. Then almost blurting out, I asked if they were religious people. Well yes they were and so I knew exactly what to do. Explaining the contents of The Great Controversy, I confidently handed them the book, knowing that with the influence of the Holy Spirit, they could appreciate the writings found on its pages. I extended my sincerest wishes for a positive outcome for their situation. These they warmly welcomed and I left with a sense that they were actually going to read it. I left almost leaping and praising God.

A lovely young mother opened the door. She too was just happy with a You Turn. We spoke about the poor health of our society. Then she mentioned she has some SDA friends who are into health. That opened the door to a conversation that revealed, the couple was in fact the Pastor of our church and his wife. This mother had been wanting to get in touch with them. I left the matter to discuss at church but learned the pastor’s wife had, without prompting, called her on the same day. Of course, with God there are no coincidences. We are praying for this family who share many of our beliefs, in particular the Sabbath, but haven’t committed to a church community.

One lady was hanging onto her Beyond DVD so I dropped in to see how things were. Everyone seems so time poor, and she was no exception. However, she had just finished reading Psalm 10. We began to discuss the political landscape of today and how it is affecting us as Christians. This time instead of offering to pray, I invited her to say the prayer. Reluctant at first, she quickly recovered and began to pray, a most beautiful and heartfelt prayer for the leaders of our nation and Christians standing up for their values and beliefs. She too had overcome her fears, prayed a “public” prayer and God had blessed her words.


Anna Schlegel