Collinsvale SDA church – Early years.


Nanise Brown.

Literature Evangelist Tasmanian Conference.


Joe Paola

On Friday Donna and I served in the Collinsvale area. We distributed our message books, prayed with people and it was a privilege to serve in an area where our church once flourished.

Seventh-Day Adventists first came to the area in February 1889 and began to preach in the local Wesleyan church. The group was officially organized on the 20th July that same year with 34 members and they commenced building a church the following month. Services were first held in the new building on December 28, 1889. A church school was begun in 1921 and continued until 1951. In 1933, extensions to the church commenced and the nearly renovated building was dedicated on March 4, 1934.

On Sabbath we were back in Collinsvale to take the church service and share some of our experiences with church members.  The Holy Spirit touched hearts as we shared our stories. One member asked what she can do to reach the people in her community and we were able to encourage her in how she could faithfully serve.

We praise God for the blessings we shared and also received from reaching out in the Collinsvale area.  May we one day see more people worship in such a beautiful historic little church.

We give God praise, honour and glory.                 


Nanise Brown.