Willa Brough

Literature Evangelist
Northern Queensland Conference

I was convicted to visit Judy (an ex-customer) one afternoon. Upon my arrival at her place I met Zech, her 19-year-old son. He insisted that I see his mum.
“Please come back in 30 minutes time,” he said. He then rang his mum to advise her about my visit.
When I returned, Judy was still not home, her son begged me to wait. He then called mum and asked her to hurry home as I was waiting for her.
Zach insisted that I talked to his mum on the phone as mum had forgotten who I was.


Judy was surprised to see me! After canvassing her, she was happy to purchase the Today Tomorrow & You and Less Stress. When I asked if she knew of anyone who would be interested in having a look at the books she gave me Sora’s details and commented, “She will love these books!!”

Another reuniting!

Siora loved and purchased the Today Tomorrow & You and the Tiny Tots Library Set, which she paid cash for. She then told me that she is a baptised SDA but that she hadn’t been to church for 10 years. I invited her to church and she was excited to attend church again. On that Sabbath, Siora loved the whole service, including a fellowship lunch and the singing with the church folks thereafter.
She stated that when she got home that day, she sought out hymns from the internet and sang more on her own. Siora is excited about her decisions to start attending church again. Her mother in law (also an SDA who left church many years ago) has responded to Siora’s invitation to attend the communion service in a few weeks time. Siora’s children, 6 and 4 years old, have also begged their mum to take them to church on the following Sabbath.
What a great God we serve!! May His Name be honored and praised.