Completing the task that God has set….

Donna van der Jagt

Literature Evangelist Tasmanian Conference.

Joe Paola

I had met Paul’s wife Manisha on the Wednesday but she spoke little English and could read even less. I returned to pick up the Survey on the Friday once her husband had time to peruse it.

Paul told me that he was a Nepalese Christian who had been persecuted for his faith in his home country.  He had spent some time in a Refugee camp until he came to live in Tasmania.  Paul counts it a blessing from God that he has the life he does.  His whole family is now Christian but they do not belong to any specific religion and worship at a church in Lenah Valley with a congregation of approximately eighty Nepalese families.

Paul asked lots of questions and I showed him our book, Today Tomorrow and You, with regard to ‘what happens after death?’ He asked what our name, Seventh Day Adventist stands for and I explained in brief. In the course of our visit I discovered that much of their beliefs are very similar to ours. I gave him a copy of The Great Controversy and he gratefully accepted it. I shared with him how it explains what is happening in our world today.

I left Paul the Beyond DVD entitled “Pain”. He was happy to accept the whole set! So, I filled out a card for Follow Up.  He would also like Manisha to attend a vegetarian cooking class.

My visit to this family was very rewarding and showed me that it is always worthwhile to return to a home in order to complete the task God has set before you.  God be praised!


Donna van der Jagt