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Changing your world

You may not be a Literature Evangelist, but you can support our amazing team in the South Pacific. Whether it’s a simple letter of encouragement, a prayer, some scripture or a donation to one of our projects, you can change people’s lives for eternity.

Fill out the form below to send a word of encouragement, a prayer, or some scripture to our team. Feel free to name any Literature Evangelist and we will pass on your support to them. With your permission we will post your contribution on our support page.

Financial Support Options

Open doors for Literature Evangelism

Across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands, Literature Evangelists tirelessly are involved in their self sporting ministry. Although their resources and financial capacity are limited, their prayer life is not, leading to thousands of people being introduced to better health, wellbeing and an introduction to Christianity.

Contributing to their ministry financially can assist Literature Evangelists in becoming more effective in reaching more people. Below is a list of resources your donation could support them in. You may not be in a position yourself to provide a large donation, but maybe it could become a fundraising project for you, your church family or your Sabbath School group. May God bless you as you consider supporting Literature Evangelism in the South Pacific.

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Great Controversy Project

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You can be part of the LE Team by making a donation towards the Great Controversy project.

The aim is to place a Great Controversy in EVERY home so people will learn of Jesus and His plan of salvation for the whole world.


We need your help to purchase books for us to distribute. More than 50 000 books have already been given out thanks to generous sponsors.


There are 25 million copies needed urgently!!
Please join us in making a difference within our communities today!

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Specific enquiries can be made at the links below