Sandy Wallis

Literature Evangelist
Victorian Conference

Early September I received a lead enquiry from a Publishing Department mass mail-drop. The lengthy hand-written note from Gary explained his interest in “The Bible Story” set of volumes, and requested an appointment. We met unexpectedly when I dropped by with a note to confirm the appointment date in writing; then I received another 2 letters from Ghimin the following weeks, confirming that he was looking forward to my follow up.
Late this afternoon I met Gary, a gentleman in his 60’s, who has been deaf since birth. He relates by either thumbs up, a smile or written notes. We related in conversation over a number of pages of hand-written dialogue between ourselves, including his interest in trains, and photos of close family members, and his Bible-based statues & memorabilia on the book-shelves behind me.

Gary was delighted to pay his first deposit and receive 2 books in the set, and has set his payment plan for the following 2 fortnights. He was happy for me to bow in prayer when close, and we parted as good friends, with his last written note that he would start reading the books straight away… followed by more smiles and thumbs up! May God bless this faithful man with an even deeper love through the crafted words of Uncle Arthur’s “The Bible Story” set.