Paul Bardor

Literature Evangelist
Western Australia Conference

It’s amazing sometimes how while speaking to someone you can never imagine the story they are about to share with you! This is Patrick’s Story…

This particular day I prayed as I normally do when I knock on someone’s door, that the Holy Spirit would bless and allow me to minister to their needs, if not by the resources I have to offer then by whatever means are best going to suit them. Pat opened the door and after a quick chat about who I was and what I was doing he invited me in. After more conversation I decided to get to business.
Upon reaching into my bag to get out some books, he said to me books were no good to him. To investigate why I started asking questions. His reply shocked me!

He recalled his story, a story where a couple of years before he tried to commit suicide with a nail gun! He said at the time he was off his tree on drugs and just wanted to take himself out of this world. He said over 3 days he shot 6 nails into his skull, saying “The first nail shocks you, the second nail drops you!” Then came the beautiful words, “I honestly think someone didn’t want me to die that day because the nail gun stopped working.” I agreed with him and told him that I believed our Father in Heaven had prevented Pat killing himself that day. Somewhere along the line Pat said to me,” you don’t really believe I had 6 nails in my head do you?” At which point he showed me his x-ray….Wow!
Due to damage to one of his eyes from a nail, Pat struggled to read. Not being able to afford the expensive glasses he needed, he read using a little tiny magnifying glass, which is not an easy mission for him! So as he said, books were no good to him! Praying to God I asked how can I help this man? I got the impression to pray with him and to keep visiting him as family and friends did not have much to do with him anymore.
After many visits I showed him Depression The Way Out by Neil Nedley, which he bought. After 8 weeks I visited again to find a new man! Pat discovered he suffered Post Traumatic Depression, he didn’t realise he was depressed because he failed to kill himself. The book changed his life! He is now positive, cleaning up his life and house and even changing his diet and losing weight! Pat has been sharing the life changing news this book contains and is the happiest he has been in a long time.

My prayer is the friendship continues so that I can share The Good News from the best book, the Bible! If he is witnessing from the message in this book, imagine, empowered by the Holy Spirit what he would do knowing the Loving God of the Holy Bible!