Display Attracts Attention

Geoff and Sylvia Wall

Literature Evangelists Victorian Conference.

Joe Paola

We received an enquiry from a lovely Roman Catholic lady who saw our Bible Story display volume that we placed in a doctor’s waiting room.

Helen was very interested and positive, but her husband Joe who was not religious, was very negative and kept saying that the grandchildren would not read them.  We pressed home the importance for our children in today’s violent and volatile world to have an understanding of the love of God and the example of Christ more than ever before.

Helen loved the 10 volume collection of books but Joe was against the purchase, although he did say, “If you want them, go ahead.” Sylvia softly spoke to Helen and said, “You are like me, you want to pass on to the grandchildren the grounding and basis of Christian living.” With knowing eyes we exchanged a smile and she nodded to me. God’s still small voice spoke to Helen and with a positive attitude ignored Joe’s very unfavorable attitude.

Sylvia & I felt that Helen wanted to read them herself, knowing the painful situation she was in with the health of her husband and needing the love comfort and support she would receive from the books.

We praised God that they purchased and we are certain that every chapter of the books has a wonderful character building effect on children, and that every story that Christ told helps us and our families appreciate the powerful messages of hope and happiness the Bible brings into our lives.

We handed Helen a copy of the book, Steps to Christ. Looking at the title she said, “Joe will not read this, but I certainly will! Thank you.”

Before leaving we had prayer for them both.

Please pray for Joe.  He needs Jesus in his life.


Geoff and Sylvia Wall