Divine Appointments…

Maggie Smith

Joe Paola

We handed a flyer for a series of DVD presentations to a man at a supermarket who works there every week. He thoughtfully commented that he is very interested in history.

Next week I saw him again…. I had a Great Controversy in my bag. After greeting him I asked whether he was serious about liking history. As he replied that indeed he was, I handed him the Great Controversy which he received thankfully and curiously.

Leaving the very full car park I couldn’t empty my shopping trolley very fast. I felt very stupid as the handles of one bag slipped twice out of my hand. Then the handles would keep falling into the door so I couldn’t close it in a hurry. All the while a young lady with a child in the backseat sat there and didn’t gesticulate or pumped the horn as I have experienced a few other people do. I pulled out and left the car running and she parked in my spot. As she climbed out of her vehicle, I wound down my window and thanked her for her patience. She smiled and I asked her whether she enjoyed reading. She was enthusiastic that she did. I had a “Beyond Imagination” book on the seat next to me and handed it to her and said, “I would like to thank you and hope this book will be a blessing to you.” She was very pleased and thanked me for the book. It made me wonder whether God had made my fingers so slippery to create this special scenario? 

Wishing you many divine appointments

Maggie Smith.