James Anderson

Literature Evangelist
South New Zealand Conference

When we knocked on Val’s door, she pulled up in her car and looked quite startled until Collette commented on her interesting garden and talked about the river at the back, then she began to relax. She then had a panic attack because she forgot to drop in at the chemist to pick up her medication. Once again Collette started talking about the garden and other topical things, she relaxed some more, this time with more confidence in our presence. My thought was, “because she forgot to go to the Chemist, “this is divine intervention!”

False pretences

We started talking about the reason we were there, “Good Health.” However she said she had that sorted but when she realised we were Christians she accused us of false pretenses. But Collette mentioned the balance of health is made up from the mental, physical and spiritual. She accepted this, then the conversation got onto a more spiritual topic. It was evident she started to trust us and because of this she told us of her husband’s cancer and how he was supposed to have died in 2011 but was still alive!
She also told us about her son leaving the church, because his two year old daughter died & he blamed God, however it put a smile on her face when he returned to church 3 years later and became a born again Christian. We gave her some literature and contacts to call when or if she is ready to look at some more books.
Collette and I prayed with her and we felt the sure presence of God. Val did too, I’m sure, and thanked us sincerely.
Because of her intimate sharing it had to be a God thing.