Sandy Wipiiti

Literature Evangelist
Victorian Conference

It was the first door of the week and Margaret answered and let me in. It only took a few moments to realise that Margaret had a very strong musical background as I spotted a bass and few amps around the room.

I went through the canvas but she showed little interest. I told her that I myself play music and as I packed up I mentioned that when I visit houses I like to perform. Well… Margaret took off like the road runner and before I knew it I had a guitar on my lap. As I only play Gospel music I was a little worried about her reaction as I had only explained I was there for health reasons.


I asked Margaret to perform one of her own original pieces and I have to admit I enjoyed her song. I could tell she had a passion for music and played with skill. She was on the Bass and I was on the guitar as I sang one verse of Amazing Grace. She loved it and asked me to play another verse which I did. Margaret expressed she was so happy to have a jam before she went to work and said that she didn’t realise that Amazing Grace was such an amazing song and how good it was to jam along. I said a prayer with her and left her a copy of Steps to Christ.
Through music I was able to connect in a special way with a dear soul. LE ministry is not just about books it’s about making friends. I can only imagine what she would say when she got to work that day!
Praise God for Music, Literature and friendship.