Eunice Winship

Team Leader
Northern Australian Conference

literature evangelism south pacific division
Sandi and I worked together and the morning was ongoing with blessings.

Door 1

We prayed with a lady at the door who loved our books but could not afford them. Her family was struggling financially. She appeared under so much stress and was suffering depression. She took a Beyond DVD and felt gratefully indebted to us.

Door 2

We met another lady who was stung by a bee and had to call in the pest control to spray the nest in her back yard. She complained that she had to pay $145.00 for the callout. We canvassed the You Turn in her front yard as the pest controller was leaving and she gave us a donation, money she was holding as change from the cost of the call out. She too accepted the Beyond DVD.

Door 3

Around the corner we met a young Muslim man whose car couldn’t start and we discovered that he was reading the bible and comparing it with the Quran. He said he believed in Jesus. We prayed with him on the footpath and he took a Beyond DVD and we gave him the Great Controversy. He was keen to have the book! We prayed with him and also that Jesus would help him get his car started as we did not know what else to do.

Door 4

We crossed the road and met Graeme who wanted to buy the Family Medical Care books but his flat mate discouraged him and left for the shops. I canvassed the Today Tomorrow and You. Graeme was so excited he exclaimed, “I want that book. I am a Christian and I love Jesus!” He wanted us to call back on the weekend to collect payment. He accepted the Beyond DVD.
Thanks to Sandi for sharing such a blessed morning!