Doug Karajas

Literature Evangelist
Victorian Conference

The morning started with a nice lady who accepted a Great Controversy, and we prayed in the home of a hospitable lady from the Philippines. But the really good stuff started at lunch…

Joe and I were sitting in a park and chatting about the big movements the Roman Church and apostate Protestantism are making in the USA at the moment, and we marvelled that the world at large did not even realise what was happening.

It was during this time I had noticed out the corner of my eye a lady sitting not too far away, maybe a few meters, and I knew she would have been listening and knew what was about to happen.

So Joe got up and went to his car and I turned to say hello to Tracey. She was a floating Christian. She didn’t really know where she was at, but she had two excellent attributes; an open mind and faith. So after talking for about ten minutes and sharing some testimonies, Joe returned and I headed off to get a Great Controversy from my car.

Tracey asked which church we attend and I told her not only which Church but also why. She was very responsive. I handed her the GC with a “God Bless” and my phone number in it, and a couple of GLOW tracts from my back pocket. “I was looking for a new book to read,” she said…Joe and I had a great smile to one another after that.