Sandra Wipiiti

Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference

By Gods grace I met Andy* and his precious family today, Him and partner Jenny* were the proud parents of 4 young children, all sick and at home with influenza.
Sadly both Andy and Jenny have mothers who are drug addicts and I spent a considerable amount of time under the heat of the afternoon sun listening to their stories. I could tell by the monotone in Andy’s voice he’d been through a lot and he was still trying to make sense of the madness of his mother’s illness and sadly his father died when he was just 19, so much for a young man to live with.
Jenny was quite and mostly listened while looking after the kids. She certainly had her hands full. I gained her trust in the end and I was privileged to help them both with some of their day to day challenges and even give some tips on how to deal with influenza for the little ones.
Andy and Jenny understood the importance of proper eating and wanted to teach their kids to eat healthy food and they saw value in the Foods Encyclopedias. Andy was teaching the little ones to garden so the Medicinal Plants were received well. When I brought out the Family Bible Andy told me Mum was a Christian and she used to go to church so I offered a postcard of Jesus for his mother which was greatly appreciated. This young couple loved the Family Keepsake Bible. It was just the kind Jenny was looking for because of the beautiful way you could keep those important family records.

Praise the Lord!!! they purchased the Abundant Living Series, knowing these books would benefit the whole family. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with this family and I know our God is going to give them the guidance and love that they have missed out on for so much of their lives.

God please wrap this little family up in your tender Fatherly love I pray - Amen.