Felita’s Testimony

Felita Tuiavii

Literature Evangelist Hamilton NZ

Joe Paola

I have worked in the corporate space for 35 years starting out as a Receptionist/Telephonist for a few years, moved on to Management roles and then worked as a Facilities Manager for 8 years.  God had been nudging me for the last 10 years to join the LE work and I finally conceded that I had no good reason not to (other than being petrified of it) and that I needed to “walk” the faith I “talked”.  

Miraculously God chose me for the trial role in NZ to sell the Abundant Living Series (Encyclopedia of Foods x3, Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants x2 and Family Bible), and while I was petrified, I knew that it was God’s gig and that He would be my ever-present help in times of need.

My first job was to learn my canvass and I thought “how hard can that be?”  Well it was so much harder than I imagined and when Jared French, SPD Publishing Director came for the first visit I was so worried because I didn’t know it but Jared was very gracious and encouraging. A few weeks in I got to meet up with Adam Weal who walked me through putting brochure stands in to shops (to get leads/referrals) and then a couple weeks later I got to spend 2 days with Joe Paola walking me through “going live” with my canvass and following up some leads.  What an incredible couple of days. My first customer bought the whole set and gave 3 referrals, my next customer didn’t buy and wasn’t able to give any referrals but I know she loved our visit and I feel confident she may buy later, my next customer bought the Family bible and is considering purchasing books for a colleague, my next customer bought the whole set and gave a referral and this was all just on day 1. Day 2 began with an hr and a half of door to door cold calling and we met a lady who was adverse to the Bible but took a copy of the book, The Great Controversy and couldn’t wait to read it. Soon after we sold a whole set to her neighbour, a church minister and were given another referral.  We then went to our appointment and sold a whole set to someone who had said to herself she wasn’t buying before we arrived and then we sold a whole set to her son as well.  These two days have left me feeling elated and humbled at the same time and while I don’t feel in any way worthy or qualified I know God is definitely in the midst of this work and if I do my best, He will do the rest, I just need to get out of the way.

Felita Tuiavii