Sherine Perera and Eunice Winship

Northern Australian Conference

A day out on the doors with our new worker, Sherine was indeed full of varied experiences from the Lord, so that she would experience first hand the scope and depth of the work.
The day was really hot and humid, but the Lord sustained us and kept us going even when we were at the point of deciding to take a break and cool down. Then God opened a door and we enjoyed the air-conditioned home and the customer bought! This happened twice during the day and I thought aloud; “God wants us to go on and He will take care of our needs!”

Military Encounter

Many families we met were from the military and God provided us with sales and second mile service experiences that blessed and lifted our hearts heavenward.
One man was an ex-war veteran who fought in Afghanistan and then was deployed to the Solomon’s. He is suffering from the psychological traumas of war, which impacted negatively on his family and he is in the throes of attempting to take custody of his children through the family courts.
He was impressed with the book Today Tomorrow and You and the Teengirl. He purchased, and when the Great Controversy and Messiah was presented he committed to purchasing both books for his current partner as a Christmas gift!
He is searching and longing to have peace of mind and hope for the future. Sherine offered up a prayer for him, to which he responded so willingly. He attends a Pentecostal Church and is keen to have Sherine showcase her books at the church he attends. He said, “These are great books and it would be good to have them in the church library.”
He also mentioned that he would suggest to the local pastor if (Sherine’s husband) could preach a sermon at the church he attends!
Praise God!