Roger Webb

Literature Evangelist
Victorian Conference

Most of the residents had been out, and one or two not interested, till we came to the house with Mary-Ann and her daughter. Mary-Ann allowed us into her home and I proceeded with the canvass. With the canvas partly completed, Mary-Ann began to explain her financial situation. She had no money!!! No money at all – she’s struggling to pay bills which are owing. In addition, there’s a baby on the way and her husband is in hospital. He has been diagnosed as bipolar. As she related her story, her face and eyes indicated her struggle to keep her composure and she fought back the tears. She believes in God. She and her husband attend a Christian fellowship group. Her husband has always struggled with depression and he has always, with a great struggle, come out of it, until now. She and her daughter will be visiting him as soon as we leave.
I’d come at the end of the canvass. What could we do for this lady? I told her that we would like to pray for her and her husband and their financial situation. We prayed with her and she chose the Beyond Pain DVD as a gift. We gave her God’s blessings and were on our way, little realising what God had in store for us a couple of doors down.

Invited Encounter

Faye answered the door in her dressing gown. She did not invite us in as her husband was out, but was willing to sit with us on the porch. I showed her the books and she told us that she had seen them at a Doctor’s surgery. She approved of the books, but was struggling financially as she and her husband had mortgaged the house to pay for their grandson’s funeral. I offered her a You Turn, which she turned down. I was at a loss as to how to proceed and gave her a Discovery card promoting the Geoff Youlden DVD series. Her face lit up and she thought that she might be familiar with the DVDs.
She had undertaken a Bible correspondence course previously. She said that the world was in its last days and so we talked about that for a bit. It came up that we were Seventh-day Adventists and she wanted to know where we worshipped. I told her that I worshipped at the school in Mernda (Gilson College), that I originally attended Preston church and that before Mernda, our group met in the Community Centre not far from her. What she said next took my breath away.
She had walked past the centre, on Saturdays and had felt impressed to go in but had never done so. She wanted to come to church. She had attended a Christian fellowship group previously, but was no longer attending. Five minutes before we arrived, she had been praying to God about her disconnection with her church and was wondering whether to go back or find another church. Then Joe and I turned up.
Faye has been to church with my wife. Florise and I for the past two Sabbaths. She has greatly enjoyed it and has been embraced by our little group at Mernda. Faye has battled a long illness and is now in the recovery phase but a long road ahead of her, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. She has an incredible love for God and for her family. Both Faye and Mary-Ann, who know each other quite well, have deep needs, which only God can fill.
We need to get our message to more people!