Food as Medicine

Sylvia Wall

Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.


Joe Paola

It wasn’t long ago that I sold 3 copies of the book, Food as medicine by Sue Radd to a customer. Happy with their purchase, I received a phone call asking for another copy.

I enquired as to where this one was going? The reply was, “It is a birthday gift for a friend. I love giving these books to others. They help people with their health and save a lot of time as the recipes are so easy and quick. Anything that I find so good, I love to pass on.”

What a testimony!!  It is a real pleasure when repeat customers feel this way, and what a pleasure to know the good our books are doing in so many ways.

It is a joy to work for our Lord and Saviour who guided us in knowing what to eat to our benefit for health and happiness.

Sylvia Wall