God and “Cupid” Working Together

Geoff Wall
Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.
Joe Paola

Pam (All names changed) is a nice lady and purchased several books, took a Beyond DVD and was surprised but happy to have me pray with and for her. Following the prayer Pam opened up her heart and expressed sadness at divorcing her husband saying with trembling lips, “I miss him terribly and wish I had not proceeded with the divorce.”

Pam also told me told me about her three children, two teens and one in Canada working as a Nanny. I left her with a small book, The Great Hope and continued visiting homes.

The following day I knocked on a door and out come “GRUMPY” – I knew it was Grumpy because it was written in large letters across his T shirt. Bruce (Grumpy) was not at all interested in our literature, however he was pleased to accept a Beyond DVD for his teenage daughter.  Much to both our surprise a lovely young lady walked around the corner and came up to us.  “Grumpy” – Bruce introduced his daughter and told me he had two other children another one at home and the other one over in Canada.

“CANADA?” – I explained that just yesterday I met a lady who also had a daughter working in Canada – and she lives just 2 or three blocks away from here.  The young lady who had just arrived asked, “Is her name Pam?  “Yes, I answered!” She responded, “She’s my Mother and that’s my Sister over in Canada.”

I was excited, “Bruce, your Pam still loves you!  In fact she wishes there was no divorce and that you were back together.  She still loves you Bruce. Pam still loves you!” Bruce’s jaw dropped and exposed an expression of total dismay…..

Geoff the “Cupid” has become a re-match maker and I wonder what the future holds for this former couple?

How God times our experiences always reinforces my faith.  Just imagine, one minute earlier I was about to leave – however God allowed that teen daughter to arrive at her father’s door just at the right time. Once minute later I would have missed her visit and missed sharing the news that love was still in the air for these two lovely people.

Praise God for Literature Ministry.  At 76 years of age (and still working for God) God can still use me as “CUPID” to bring  joy , hope, happiness and love to people whom He loves  and gave His Son to die for.