Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader
Victoria & Tasmania Conference.

literature evangelist south pacific division

Yes it was warm the last couple of days. Yesterday being the hottest with the day peaking at 36 degrees, but we are so glad that our God also works on hot days too. Truly I sensed Him very near, moving hearts and orchestrating events. In fact yesterday was one of the best days of my career.

Just a few highlights….

I went to visit a lady by the name of Sue* (name changed). Sue had emailed our conference office and Sherrie forwarded the email to me, “Hi there my name is Sue and I am an old friend and customer of Joe the book salesman. Do you know him or know someone able to get him my number through your church by any chance? I’ve tried to look him up but can’t remember his last name so makes it difficult. My number is ——-. I know him because he was a good friend of my mother. He checked up on her often and I’m not sure if he’s aware that mum passed away. Would be great to touch base.”
I hadn’t seen Sue for a number of years and it was so good to once again meet up with her. Sue shared the sad story of the passing away of her mother and I listened. God was very close as we talked and prayed together. It was a real joy to minister to this beautiful young lady. Sue purchased more of our resources and could not thank me enough for coming.
I had just left Sue’s home and got into my car when I received a phone call from one of my contacts in Ballarat. I had knocked on Heather’s door a year and a half ago. She did not purchase our books at the time but accepted to watch our Beyond DVDs. I remember how before leaving her home I prayed for her and how moved she was, “It’s nice of you to pray for me. I don’t have people come to my door and do that.” Heather then shared how she is attending our Ballarat church regularly and thanked me for knocking on her door. She also encouraged me to continue to do what I am doing and ordered our Family Medical Care, Medicinal Plants and Family Bible. I was very humbled and moved by her phone call and I look forward to attending her baptism.

Visiting with Rose was exciting. I delivered to her the DVD set, The Seventh Day by Hal Holbrook and then presented the Prophecy Code DVDs by Doug Batchelor and the Keepers of the Flame. Once again God’s Spirit was at work on her heart and Rose was happy to purchase them both.

Our God also blessed with further experiences and purchases and it is a joy to work in partnership with Him and His church. To see Him moving on hearts is truly special. Praise God for the lives that we are able to impact positively for Jesus. Yes our God works on hot days!!!