God’s perfect timing.

Paul Borg

Literature Evangelist Tasmanian Conference.

Joe Paola

This morning I had set out to canvass in a particular area. As I was driving, God spoke to my heart and said to turn into a particular street and canvass there for the day. I followed His instruction.

Mel was the first to be blessed. She thanked me for my visit and gladly accepted the books, The Great Controversy and the Desire of Ages. As I was leaving, two Latter Day Saints gentlemen walked up the driveway. I introduced myself and after a short chat I handed them the GC and they also accepted this beautiful volume. God’s perfect timing.

A Few doors up, I spoke to Max and as I presented the GC to him, canvassing from the back of the book, he said, “You know my wife and I were talking about these very same things last night, what is happening in this world? climate change? Etc. etc”. He was so glad to accept the book and appreciated my call. God’s perfect timing again.

The next street up I came across Mary, as I canvassed the books GC and DA, she said, to the effect, “Paul, not too long ago we had trouble with bad omens in our house, maybe evil spirits. Is there anything in these books that discuss this?” I showed her the chapter in the GC about ‘Evil spirits,’ and some other chapters in the DA that will be of benefit. We talked a little more and then she asked, “Where in this book (referring to the DA) did you say I should be reading”? With a glad heart Mary took both books.

It was God’s plan that I canvass that area and I am so happy I listened to His voice. In just a few streets God placed 7 GCs in and 7 DAs into those homes!!!

God promises, “My word will not return unto me Void.” The books are now in those homes. Colporteur Ministry page 130, “Those who accept the truths contained in these books will not be led into false paths.”

Paul Borg