Collette Brown

Team Leader
South New Zealand

We knocked and no one answered, so were walking out admiring the garden when a car drove up. She gave us that “Not JW again look” and James told her what we were doing. “No, got my health needs sorted out!” she said. So I started commenting on her garden and then offered her a Signs of the Times. “What are you doing with Christian literature when you say you are from Home Health Education Service?” I told her we are physical, mental and spiritual to have balanced lifestyle and she agreed to that. “Come into my garage” she then said, “I have to get my dog out of the car. I should have been to the pharmacy but I came straight home!”

Opening Up

We had quite a chat after that with her telling us of losing a young grandchild just over 2 years old, and her son losing his Christian experience, but has now got back with God. Her husband has been battling cancer, since 2011.
I gave her Peace Above the Storm and we had a special prayer with her. We could feel God’s presence there. She could have been at the pharmacy and we would have missed her! We left her with a Beyond DVD too!
No wonder we can’t help but go out on the doors when we are blessed like this.