Hamilton Outreach

I want to share with you a remarkable story of one of our LE contacts in Hamilton.

A lady that I am visiting, has now received 5 of the DVDs, and is responding well to the work of the Holy Spirit.
Unknown to me, she is the ex-wife of Stan (name changed) who has some Adventist background, and had started attending our church about 3 months ago. He was working towards baptism, but could not give up smoking. Even though she was his ex, they got on fairly well, phoning each other from time to time. Stan is also the brother of one of our members, and had decided to start attending church with no urging from anyone. Then, just over a month ago, Stan died suddenly from a smoking-related disease. His ex-wife was by his side and she was profoundly affected. We had a memorial service for him, and at the service, I suddenly realised my LE contact was his ex-wife!  To cut a long story short, she is now requesting to attend church, and we hope when she gets over her grief, she will attend regularly. I share this story for your encouragement.


Peter Tung Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist Church.