“Have you got any more of these?”

Paul Borg

Literature Evangelist Tasmanian Conference.

Joe Paola

I knocked on Andrew’s door. “Did I wake you up?” Andrew looked half asleep. After a short chat, “I’m doing a special health work in the area and proceeded with my door introduction. Andrew was happy to give me a donation for the health book, You Turn.

We quickly started to talk about his Land Rover parked in his front yard, his motor home and his 3-wheel bike in his back yard (bridge building they call it). We spent a bit of time chatting.

“Do you like to read?” I asked. “Yes” he said.

I canvassed the Hacksaw Ridge book and he was enthusiastic in taking it.

He showed me more of his toys and as we where talking over his old 1954 Land Rover, The Lord impressed me to ask, “Do you believe in God?” He replied, “I used to, but I don’t go to church much these days.”

I told him that I had a great book for him to read and pulled out The Great Controversy. As I was telling him about the contents – world and biblical history, future events and reformation, his eyes seem to light up. “Have you got anymore of these? I want one for my nephews and nieces.” Praise God!

I had a great time talking to Andrew and placing those spiritual filled books in his home. Thank you God for opening Andrew’s heart. Please pray for his nephews and nieces as they also read that inspired book.

Paul Borg