Eunice Winship

Team Leader
Northern Australian Conference

John Brereton emailed me a lead from the Pacific Press Publishing Association to follow up a request from Joanne who lived in Ayr, a small country town, in Far North Queensland. I finally made contact with Joanne, through a former LE who visited Joanne and showed her the Bible Story. While speaking with Joanne on the phone, I asked why was she interested in the Bible Stories. She told me she was interested in purchasing the books because she had 6 grandchildren who she believed would benefit from those books as she did. She told me that while sitting at a doctors surgery, she came across a copy of the old version in a pile of children’s books and was so excited because it brought back so many memories. Joanne grew up on those books. She read the entire set and said all through her childhood and teenage years and even right up to her adulthood “I had inner strength” to cope with the challenges of life. And she wanted the same for her grandchildren. The books she read did not belong to her, but her friend’s parents had bought them and whenever she slept over she would read the books. Joanne said she especially loved the story of Jonah, because many a time she felt like a Jonah, down in the belly of the whale, and had hope that her troubles would not last. She mentioned that she had been receiving the Signs of the Times in the past, and that it was a very good magazine. God led in a miraculous way today. He brought Joanne in contact with the former LE and another church member. As a result, the Adventist Ayr Church agreed to subscribe for Joanne and now she will be receiving a full-year of Signs publications. This could be one potential soul for God’s kingdom!

I believe God orchestrated everything so our church could connect with Joanne.

“The world is to receive the light of truth through an evangelising ministry of the word in our books and periodicals.” CM, p.5.