Sandra Wipiiti

Literature Evangelist
Victorian Conference

Today I met a very hurting soul, a dear woman who was grieving the loss of her husband who only two months ago died in her arms while at the shopping centre. Martha said she wanted to be alone, but moved by the grief in her voice and on her face I very gently urged her to let me in just so I could spend a little time with her. Graciously she let me in, explaining that because of her situation she really didn’t feel like being around people, which was totally understandable.

As I sank into a very comfortable armchair, Martha shared her sad story as I listened and prayed to God that whatever would come out of my mouth would only be words of empathy, love and care.

I demonstrated the books as Martha explained she was experiencing financial problems due to her husband’s passing but did show a genuine interest in the Medicinal plants. Towards the end of my demo as I was packing up I heard Martha whispering these words, “He’s gone, and I will never see him again.” I saw her hopelessness and sadness, so I prayed yet again.

A picture

Earlier this week the Lord impressed me to go through our Family Keepsake Bible and learn where to locate important images to use them as visual aids to talk about Jesus with my customers. I learnt where the pictures were of the Creation and the Fall, the Law and of the Cross, and both pictures of the Second Coming in 1 Thessalonians.

I opened to the page and I showed her the picture of Jesus coming again with His angels and the graves opening and families being reunited. But better still I then read the wonderful promise in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, how the dead in Christ would soon one day be reunited when Jesus returns.
But Martha said how could I know if he is saved? Martha had mentioned to me that her husband loved God, and his Bible was his treasure. He studied his Bible every day, and even once when he was in a coma she said she heard him calling on Michael the Archangel. I comforted her with these words, “It’s not what you do that gets you to Heaven, it’s who you know.”

Although I couldn’t tell her if he was saved or not…. It was very clear he lived his life in a way that showed he had a very deep relationship with Jesus as his friend, his God and his Saviour. And I challenged Martha… to read her husband’s Bible and find the treasure he had found within its pages.

To wrap things up my final appeal was for her to be there too on that Resurrection Morning… holding up once again the amazing picture of our blessed hope. Now the smile on her face reflected the hope in her heart.
I canvassed a U-turn, and left her with my favourite life changing booklet, Steps to Christ.

We closed with a prayer and parted ways as friends. With Martha mentioning she loved my visit and was so happy I came… Praise God!!! I loved the visit too, it was as much a blessing for me just to be there and be used by the Lord as a beacon of hope.