Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist
Victorian Conference

Another week gone and what a privilege it was to once again serve our good and gracious God. Training our new worker Doug Karajas, we experienced God’s leading as we moved from house to house.
Monday in Melbourne was wet and very grey, but the weather did not deter us from visiting homes and making ourselves available for God to use us.
Casey* is a very attractive young lady of Chinese background. We found her to be very trusting and open and was certainly allowing God’s Spirit to move on her heart. When we asked her if she had a faith in God she explained that she is not a Christian. She did say that a year or so ago she was invited by friends to go to church and she accepted and went a couple of times. Casey was happy to hear our testimony and to pray for her. We left her with a Signs magazine and the address to our church.

Another House

Sitting under Danny’s veranda we presented our books. Danny has a child that is very demanding and she poured out her heart as we listened. It wasn’t long before our conversation on health turned to God and we were able to share our story of how the Bible changed our lives for the better. After praying for Danny she said, “I feel like crying.” God’s Spirit had touched her heart. As we stood and were about to leave, I noticed that Danny wanted to reach out and hug Doug. It was so obvious and so I said, “Go on hug him. I know you want to do it.” Danny smiled and gave Doug an enormous hug, then turned to me and did the same.

And Another House

Sharon was about to leave and see her son in jail. She gave us a few moments and not long into our visit she shared her story. Her 20 year old son had got into the wrong crowd and as a result has battled with a terrible drug problem. Doug and I have both experienced the evils of drugs and were able to relate to her situation and offer encouragement. We left her with literature and a prayer before leaving.

And a fourth…

Steve was hurting bad. When he came to the door he was very abrupt and was certainly not going to invite us in. We didn’t have long with him and so we cut to the chase. When we offered him a Signs magazine he quickly interrupted, “I don’t believe in that!” and then began to tell us how he is suffering with cancer. We both sensed that God was giving us a few extra moments with this man. We seized the opportunity and Doug quickly gave his testimony. Soon after Doug had finished I gave mine. We both knew that was all we could do for this man and we began to leave. As we were leaving Steve in a softened and subdued voice said, “Keep spreading the word.” We were encouraged by those words. His heart was reached.
I’ve just shared some of the experiences of only one day in the week working together with Our God. Books were sold, prayers were prayed and many lives were positively impacted for Jesus.