Paul Borg
Literature Evangelist
Tasmanian Conference
“I have been praying that a Seventh Day Adventist would knock on my door.”
Knocking on the doors in a set of units in a very low socio economic area, I had to keep praying to the Lord, “Please Father, keep me from judging these people.” All the while the devil kept whispering in my ear, “These people are not going to buy your books Paul.” Many times I was prompted to give up and move on, but the Lord had different plans. Moments later I even received a phone call from work wanting me do an afternoon shift. I replied and said I couldn’t as I had planned my day. I guess the devil did not want me to visit these homes. Rain, cold and strong wind also played their role and tried to add to the discouragement.
A while later I knocked on the door of Harry (name changed). Harry invited me in. I demonstrated the medical books and finished with the close, but Harry did not choose to purchase. I then canvassed the Beyond the Search DVD – ‘Beyond pain’. Harry had a look at the DVD and said, “Are you a Seventh day Adventist?”

Harry proceeded to tell me that he has been watching Doug Batchelor Amazing facts and It is Written on Sunday TV and that as a result has become a Sabbath keeper and considers himself an Seventh Day Adventist. Wow!! Harry started to tell me his experience and how he came to know the truth about the Sabbath, the state of the dead etc. We had a good long talk and at the end Harry said to me, “You know Paul, I have been praying that a Seventh Day Adventist would knock on my door.”

I believe The Lord lead me, despite my judgmental nature, to Harry’s home. I cannot wait to continue to minister to him and see him one day baptised and make his final commitment to God.
I give praise for our TV programs, Amazing Facts and It is Written. They watered and now God has used Literature Ministry to reap.