Sylvia Wall

Literature Evangelist
Victorian Conference

She Was So Excited… . It was a beautiful sunny day and the Lord had given me many blessings, for the day. I was finishing off the last block for the day, and crossing the road, knew that this would be my last call.
The husband was trying to fix the front door. Margie came to the door when she heard her husband talking to someone (Which was me). I introduced the health message to both of them and Margie asked me in.

I began my presentation and Margie explained in delight, “I have Dr Wrights books!” I said,” Can I see them”. Margie placed on the table two large books, one of Dr Wright from about 1984, and another that I was not familiar with. Margie, was excited to see the new Dr Wrights volumes and I explained these are updated versions of what she already had.
“I want them, I want them, you can’t sell me what I don’t want but I want them.”

Self Diagnosis

I went on to demonstrate all the Family Lifestyle series. Margie shared that her husband had had a heart attack and she had had two aneurisms, the one in the brain had left 30 stitchers in her head. She shared with me that she had found the problem herself from Dr Wrights books! She said she went into her Doctor and with tests what she had discovered from the books was verified. Margie and Dr Wright were right!
Margie also ordered more, the Family Medical Care set, What every child should know, Family Bible and Today Tomorrow and You.
I so enjoy seeing the delight on peoples faces when we introduce Dr Wrights photo and their immediate acceptance of his books that service not only health but allow us through the health message to be the entering wedge to introduce the true message of our Saviour.